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Why is the Modified Call Butterfly an Ideal Strategy for Market Tops?


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The modified call butterfly is among the popular option strategies that can be used to profit in a bearish or volatile market environment and is an ideal strategy for market tops. The strategy is executed using four call options in a ratio of 1:2:1, creating a symmetrical and low-risk trade position that has the potential for profits, regardless of the market’s direction in the short term. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the modified call butterfly options strategy and why it’s a great strategy for market tops.

What is a Modified Call Butterfly?

A modified call butterfly is an options strategy that involves buying and selling four call options on a single underlying stock. The strategy is a modified version of the traditional butterfly options strategy, which involves buying and selling options at the same strike price and expiry date. In this case, the option contracts are purchased and sold at different strike prices and expiries. Check more on options strategy builder.

The option strategies do involve buying one call option at an in-the-money strike price, selling two call options at an out-of-the-money strike price, and buying another call option at an even further out-of-the-money strike price. This configuration creates a position that’s profitable when the underlying stock price stays within a specific range.

Why is the Modified Call Butterfly Ideal for Market Tops?

Market tops are characterized by increased volatility and uncertainty, which can make it challenging to predict the market’s movements and profit from it. The modified call butterfly is ideal for market tops because it’s a low-risk strategy that provides traders with a good opportunity to make profits, regardless of the stock’s short-term price movements. Check more on options strategy builder.

In a market top scenario, the modified call butterfly strategy allows traders to capitalize on the expected decline in market prices without incurring significant losses. This is because the strategy provides downside protection against the volatility of the market in the option strategies.

Benefits of the Modified Call Butterfly Strategy for Market Tops:

Limited Risk

The modified call butterfly option strategy allows traders to limit their risk as the strategy involves buying in-the-money calls which limits the loss to the premium paid while selling out-of-the-money calls helps offset the cost of the premiums.

Profit Potential

The modified call butterfly offers a higher chance of profit due to the strategy’s configuration that allows traders to profit from price movements within a particular range.

Market Neutral

The strategy can be executed as a neutral trade, which means the trader can benefit, no matter the direction the market moves in the short term. Check more on options strategy builder.


The modified call butterfly option strategies can be adjusted to suit a trader’s preference by modifying the number of contracts used, the expiry date, and the strike prices of the options used. This flexibility allows the strategy to be customized to meet the specific trading objectives of traders.

Thus, the modified call butterfly is an ideal options strategy for market tops, providing traders with a low-risk way to capitalize on the market’s volatility and profit from the stock’s short-term price movements. In this uncertain market environment, traders can use this strategy to take advantage of market opportunities while limiting their downside risk.


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